JavaScript is required


The CDN contains the lastest code, and removes the requirement to self-host the data file. The CDN can be found at You can use this to get the stable, latest, nightly and any other main version by setting your EJS_pathtodata to<version>/data/.

There are 3 different version name that you need to be aware of:

  1. stable - This will be the most stable version of the emulator both code and cores will be tested before release. It will be updated every time a new version is released on GitHub. This is the default version on the Demo.
  2. latest - This will contain the latest code but use the stable cores. This will be updated every time the main branch is updated. Using latest will occasionally be broken, it is only recommended to use stable in production.
  3. nightly - This will contain the latest code and the latest cores. The cores will be updated every day, and may be unstable.