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# EmulatorJS & LinuxServer

Both Ethan O'Brien's EmulatorJS (opens new window) and LinuxServer's EmulatorJS (opens new window) had humble beginnings by seeing the service on the ad ridden https://www.emulatorjs.com/ (opens new window) and thought, 'I could make this better.'

  • EmulatorJS stuck with the original idea that is to serve as a backend used to embed the emulators into a website for maximum customizability, but also to remove ads and remove outside dependencies.

  • LinuxServer on the other hand, took things a different route. Their organization's goal is to containerize applications, and in this case, they built a front end (inspired by HyperSpin (opens new window)) to automate creating the website and a backend ROM management system to automatically download and share artwork and media as well as update the ROM hash database for better, more accurate ROM-database linking.


https://github.com/linuxserver/emulatorjs/issues/24 (opens new window) https://github.com/EmulatorJS/EmulatorJS/discussions/260 (opens new window) https://github.com/EmulatorJS/EmulatorJS/discussions/262#discussioncomment-4124425 (opens new window)