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Check GitHub releases for the latest updates.

EmulatorJS Version 4.0.9 CDN & Git History Rewrite

As of version 4.0.9 cores and minified files are no longer included in the repository. You will need to get them separately. You can get the from releases or the * new CDN (see this for more info). There is also a new version system that we will be using. (read here for more info).

The history of the project has been rewritten and force pushed. You will likely need to redo any active commits you have. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cloning the repository is no longer recommended for production use. You should use releases or the CDN instead.

EmulatorJS Version 4.0 Re-write

As of version 4.0, EmulatorJS is no longer a reverse engineered version of I (Ethan) spent several weeks re-writing the program, making it better, faster, fixing audio, iOS/Safari support, and the core quality. The backend is actually worth working on now.

EmulatorJS & LinuxServer

Both Ethan O'Brien's EmulatorJS and LinuxServer's EmulatorJS had humble beginnings by seeing the service on the ad ridden and thought, 'I could make this better.'

  • EmulatorJS stuck with the original idea that is to serve as a backend used to embed the emulators into a website for maximum customizability, but also to remove ads and remove outside dependencies.
  • LinuxServer on the other hand, took things a different route. Their organization's goal is to containerize applications, and in this case, they built a front end (inspired by HyperSpin) to automate creating the website and a backend ROM management system to automatically download and share artwork and media as well as update the ROM hash database for better, more accurate ROM-database linking.