JavaScript is required


The old version of netplay that works versions prior to 4.0 (version 3.0) is really buggy and not recommended unless you need to. Support will not currently be given for setting up and using netplay.

Please Note: Netplay is currently being worked on, to make it better and more reliable. If you follow these instructions you need a version of EmulatorJS before 4.0.

To add to your site

  1. Set a game id in the javascript config
EJS_gameID = 1; //Id needs to be unique per game in your website!
  1. At the moment, netplay requires the old cores. To do this you must add this line to your code.
EJS_oldCores = true;

These 2 steps will add netplay to your website!

To host your own server:

  1. Clone the EmulatorJS-netplay repository
git clone
  1. Install nodejs dependencies
npm install
  1. start the server
npm run start

You can then set your netplay server with the EJS_netplayUrl setting.

EJS_netplayUrl = "URL HERE";