Please Note: Netplay is currently being worked on, to make it better and more reliable. If you follow these instructions you need a version of EmulatorJS before 4.0.

To add to your site

  1. Set a game id in the javascript config
EJS_gameID = 1; //Id needs to be unique per game in your website!
  1. At the moment, netplay requires the old cores. To do this you must add this line to your code.
EJS_oldCores = true;

These 2 steps will add netplay to your website!

To host your own server:

  1. Clone the EmulatorJS-netplay repository
git clone
  1. Install nodejs dependencies
npm install
  1. start the server
npm run start

You can then set your netplay server with the EJS_netplayUrl setting.

EJS_netplayUrl = "URL HERE";
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