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Q: Why was I re-directed/sent to this page?

A: Because I don't have the time to personally help every person out there, and your issue is likely documented here.

Q: How can I embed this using Replit

A: You don't. Replit does not support this.

Q: I'm getting "Network Error" when trying to play. What do I do?

A: Try the following:

  • Use a web server. You cannot just open the HTML file.
  • Clear your cache.
  • Update your data folder.
  • If using GitHack or jsDelivr, use the cdn. Binary core files are no longer provided in the repository.
  • If using Replit, don't. Replit doesn't support this and will block certain files.

If the issue still occurs, open an issue containing a screenshot of the network tab within dev-tools.

Q: Why is my PlayStation game crashing?

A: The game is likely too big to be run in the web browser. This cannot currently be fixed.

Q: Is netplay supported? How do I enable netplay?

A: Netplay is not currently supported, but it is hoped to be coming soon. Development is in progress. Please ping me (ethanthesleepyone) in the emulatorjs discord server if you have the knowledge to help.

Q: How do I embed this on Google Sites?

A: Embedding on Google Sites

Q: How do I embed this on React?

A: Embedding in React

Q: I'm encountering CORS errors while trying to run the emulator. How can I resolve this?

A: CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) errors occur when a web page running in one domain tries to access resources (like scripts or assets) from another domain. To resolve CORS errors. Ensure the "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header is set on the remote server, and is the correct value.

Q: I'm seeing an error that says "SharedArrayBuffer is not defined." How do I fix this?

A: The "SharedArrayBuffer is not defined" error will occur if the following headers are not set. This is because the SharedArrayBuffer feature is very powerful. Ensure you are using https and that your server is sending the headers below.

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp

Q: Is this linuxservers EmulatorJS docker project?

A: No. But Gaseous is great alternative: Gaseous

Q: Is there a docker version of this project?

A: The sponsored docker version of this project is the "gaseous" project. You can find the project here on github, and you can join the gaseous discord server here.

Q: Why is the demo the only official EmulatorJS instance?

A: This project isn't meant to be a website to go to and play games. This project is meant for developers to use to embed into their site to host games. If a feature isn't on the demo that is found in other places of the project, it's because its a demo.

Q: What should I include when I open an issue?

A: You should include as much as you know. The issue, and logs. If you don't have access to the console, there is likely a reason, and it is likely that reason is also causing an issue with other things.

Example of a perfectly opened issue